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The Camp Forget List
Posted On: 08/22/2010 21:57:56

The Camp Forget List


There I was… sitting by the campfire all forlorn.  A bottle of wine in one hand and a pocketknife in the other.  The cork all gouged out and broken.  I had forgotten to pack a corkscrew.  Then there was the time I had to cook my food on the blade of a shovel because I forgot to bring a pan. 


For all you campers out there that have pounded your tent stakes in with a rock or made coffee by pouring boiling water over regular grounds in your cup; here is my official “Camp Forget List”.  It is not meant to be an all inclusive list of things to bring.  It’s more of a “wish I would have brought that” list.  Little extras that make things easier or more fun.


  1. Small can of diesel – this stuff is great to clean things with.  It takes off sap, grease, gum, etc.  It also makes a terrific fire starter.  Unlike gas, it is less combustible.  You can soak a couple pieces off wood with it and light it without singing your eye brows off.
  2. Cork Screw – as mentioned above… better have one if you plan to crack open a bottle of wine.  Or you will have to literally crack it open.
  3. Small chainsaw – depending on how much room you have in your vehicle, this is a nice thing to bring along.  Use it for firewood or clearing the road if blocked by a fallen tree.
  4. A hammer – makes setting up a tent much easier.
  5. Instant coffee – just add hot water and your done.  And some of it tastes better than regular coffee.
  6. Extra batteries – dead flashlight?  No problem.
  7. Shovel – all kinds of uses for this one.  Once I was caught in a surprise rain storm and had to dig a trench around my tent with a flat head screw driver and my hands.  I would have paid $100 for a shovel that day.
  8. Small hand broom – for sweeping out the tent or car.
  9. Can opener – I’ve ruined many knives by pounding my way into a can of chili.
  10. Can of chili – If you never had chili while camping, then you’re missing out on a treat.  Plus, it’s quick, easy, and nutritious.  Kids love it.
  11.  Extra long dog chain.  If you camp with pets in a campground, it is nice to give them some room to walk around while you are focusing on other things.
  12.  Frozen hash browns – make your breakfast tasty and filling.
  13.  Fly swatter – just in case they get out of hand.


Can you think of anything else? 


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From: ctclsyates
09/07/2010 13:07:27

Heavy Duty tin foil and duct tape!


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