Title: I Love You
Tags: Ponchartrain Bachelor Oregon magnolia Mogollon thunder swordfish bamboo Sie
Blog Entry: You know what...   I've slept on the high desert in a 50 mph dust storm with the full moon glowing through from above. I've skied the off-limits backside of Mt. Bachelor and rested on the lonely east side to watch the sun rise. I've walked the high country of the South Sister with the freezing wind biting through my wool coat. I've sat in the midst of horned monsters on a cold September Oregon morning, listening to their ancient bugle. I've stood on the banks of the Pontchartrain at sunset and felt the warm, salty breeze on my face. I've floated on my back as the forces of nature tore down 150 year old palm trees. I've lounged beneath a magnolia tree on a hot Southern night listening to the acacia bug's song. I've rested on the face of the Mogollon Rim and listened to the thunder. I've worked a 50 pound swordfish out of the deep while swaying to the earth's gentle tide. I've watched the hot sun set across the northern Arizona desert while snow began to fall. I've felt the splash of sea water as the tide crashed against ancient tribal burial grounds on the Maui coast. I've trudged through the mud and towering bamboo to stand beneath a 150 foot waterfall. I've sat beneath a long forgotten waterfall on a no-name creek in the High Sierras.   But none of that compares to watching you smile at me from across the dinner table.   I love you Kim.