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Posted On 05/10/2011 17:24:33 by Web-Design

When I completed my degree for IT, I had a very specific mental image of what my employment path would look like. I would get my degree, immediately find a career, program at a desk, get promoted, and make a lot of money. Most importantly, I would love doing it. Still, like most careers, it didn't end up how I expected. It took me almost 14 months to secure a position, and when I did, I absolutely hated it. I felt like a prisoner. Of course, I love programming, but when you need to wade through and fix indecipherable twenty year old code all day, it is torture. I won't name names, but I packed up after three years to find another job.

I took a job as a cashier to make rent while I searched for my next career opportunity. The majority of the typical jobs I was equipped for seemed to be the same. Did I decide the right degree? Did I really want to program for the rest of my life?

My brother said I should get into web design. I was cynical to start off, but he convinced me to look into it. So I decided to start asking around. It looked as if a big consensus of friends in the field WERE STOKED ABOUT their career. The workspace conditions are a lot better, and because there are a plethora of upstart websites and web design companies, programmers have more chances to crank out their own code and consult with the one that actually wrote the code they are modifying.

A friend offered me a job at Edigitalstudios. It was a start up chicago web design company with only a handful of co-workers. I embraced the intimate work conditions and energetic attitudes. To state my former coding jobs were horrendous would be understating. Here, I was allowed to say my feelings, offer new concepts into projects. eDigitalStudios has since become a Chicago SEO company. I still work there to this day, four years later. I love it.

So I think the point of the story is: Don't be overwhelmed or disappointed if your work path doesn't end up how you dreamed. In many cases, if you give it time, things can become a lot better than you dreamed. I think another point of the story is: You shouldn't be frightened to mix things up if you are not enjoying yourself. If you are not happy in your current career, MIX IT UP!!!

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