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Chapter Three - Discovering the Bow
Posted On 05/01/2010 17:13:40 by Aktray

Chapter Three – Discovering the Bow

I saw too often where an orange hat rested his thirty ‘ought six on the hood of a rig, peering down a high-powered scope to drop a deer a mile away. That ain’t hunting. It’s not supposed to be that easy.

Someone once said that happiness is in the journey, not the destination. In this case, the journey is the hunt. The destination is the dead deer at your feet.

Besides, there are just too darn many rifle hunters out there.... Read More

Chapter Two - The Last Rifle Hunt
Posted On 04/18/2010 14:33:10 by Aktray

Those years after my first buck at age 11 were a straight turn-around from the years before.  I got excellent grades, played sports, got a job and worked hard.  I dressed conservatively for a kid and didn’t get into trouble.  I kept on the straight and narrow.  Never smoked or did a drug.  Each year I’d go out and Hunt deer.  Each year I got a little better at it.

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Chapter One - Learning to Hunt
Posted On 03/21/2010 14:43:54 by Aktray

I hated it.  As a young kid following my Dad around in the woods.  I was cold.  I had to be quiet.  We drove forever on old logging roads at the wee hours of the morning.  We never got anything.  I wasn’t even sure deer actually existed.  The experience was almost lost to me as a kid.  Had there been Playstations and such back then, life today would be much different.&nbs... Read More


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