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Tag: Deer

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Chapter Two - The Last Rifle Hunt
Posted On 04/18/2010 14:33:10 by Aktray

Those years after my first buck at age 11 were a straight turn-around from the years before.  I got excellent grades, played sports, got a job and worked hard.  I dressed conservatively for a kid and didn’t get into trouble.  I kept on the straight and narrow.  Never smoked or did a drug.  Each year I’d go out and hunt deer.  Each year I got a little better at it.

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Chapter One - Learning to Hunt
Posted On 03/21/2010 14:43:54 by Aktray

I hated it.  As a young kid following my Dad around in the woods.  I was cold.  I had to be quiet.  We drove forever on old logging roads at the wee hours of the morning.  We never got anything.  I wasn’t even sure Deer actually existed.  The experience was almost lost to me as a kid.  Had there been Playstations and such back then, life today would be much different.&nbs... Read More


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